About company
Company policy

The mission of SOLACE a.s. company is to be a company that meets customer requirements. Within the comprehensive business services for our customers, we provide transport of designated goods to the designated place.

When choosing a suitable solution we are trying to find optimal composition of all parts of the contract, so all customer requirements could be fullfilled. We provide all information about a conditions of installation of our products to our customers and we offer a trainings in needed extent of their employees.


Politics of compane further arises from etical code and strategy of company and develops it particularly inf following areas:

  • in relation to values and development of company
  • in relation to enviroment
  • in relation to customers
  • in relation to employees
  • in relation to OSH (Ocuppational safety and health)
  • in relation to suppliers
  • in relation to owners

Products supplied by our company are equipped with relevant certificates. 

Strategic plans

High quality and complexity of services

Company growth

Friendly and cultivated millieu

Stability of supplier relationships

Managment of the company assumes the obligation of compliance with legal and other requirements arising from the extent of our operations and those who relate to identified enviromental aspects.

Chairman’s of the board vision

Vision of our company is to produce quality products for reasonable prices, continue in satisfying of cutstomers needs, widen our province to more market segments and thereby obtain more customers. Part of the vision is improving of company’s technological level, development and education of employees. Company pays attention to growth and deepening of relationships with current customers as well as to finding a new business partners.

General vision of company is to increase its competitiveness and market value.